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Free Pick Up Service, We are creating a GO GREEN environment. Help Yourself, "Recyle Reuse Reduce" & REQUEST with kabadixpress.com Sell Newspaper, Scrap Materials etc. .

How it works?
Selling your scrap to KabadiXpress.com

We provide services to...

Scraps from Homes/Apartments
Scraps from societies
Scraps from Schools or Colleges
Scraps from a Shoping Mall or a local shop
Scraps from Banks
Scraps from Corporate Offices
Scraps from Government Offices
Scraps from Electronics

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Why choose KabadiXpress.com
For your scrap disposal needs...

Instant waste pick up scheduling

No hassle of registration or logging in, simply book your pickup slot on the Raddiman website and our team will be at your doorstep to collect the items from you.

Easy and Reliable weights and measures

Our electronic weighing machine ensures that your items are weighed accurately and perfectly to provide you the best rates for your disposed scrap

Facility to book online at www.kabadixpress.com

Our online scrap booking ensures that you book a pickup schedule with us and we will pick it as soon as possible.

Best Price for your scrap or waste

We pay top prices for your scrap or waste. We will consider any quantity and can arrange collection and removal from any location.